Artistic Designs

Claudio’s Artistic Designs: “A Different Way to Do the Job”

Claudio’s Artistic Designs is a concept… Claudio’s Artistic Designs is a name… Claudio’s Artistic Designs is a person… and an enterprise that gives the different and unique touch it your projects.

The attention to the details, the perfection in the finishing, the responsibility with the arranged time, ant the continuous search for customer satisfaction make Claudio Zamora’s Work an effective blend of renovation services and home repairing, executed at the highest standards of the market. In Claudio’s work nothing is left unnoticed, everything us analyzed to the last detail.


Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

The bathroom and kitchen renovation could be partial and complete, according to the client’s needs.


This service involves the installation of stones in a house main entrance, chimneys, columns and inside and outside walls.

Marble and Ceramic Tiling

The installation of marble and ceramic tiles can be performed in floors, walls, showers, countertops, main entrances, etc.


This service includes the replacement of bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as the replacement of food disposers, previously installed in kitchen sinks.

Windows and doors

This service includes the replacement or installation of any kind of doors and windows, no matter what size or shape this might be.

Interiors and Exterior Painting

This service includes the painting using pressure gun, roller and brush. As well as the preparation and priming of walls, baseboards, corners, ceilings and frames.

Attention!… Save Money with this opportunity

Prices and special attention, for disabled customers and the elderly.

Pay for the project you have in mind, what you consider to be reasonable and fair... Visit the different services that are offered on this website, and recommendations letters given by different satisfied customers. If after analyzing this opportunity, you find it interesting, do not hesitate to contact us.

How does it work:

We suggest that you request a quotation from another contractor or handyman, to make it easier to calculate the price you want to offer or pay for your project. After agreeing on pricing, organizing times and details, an agreement is signed and the client makes a deposit of 30% at the very beginning of the project. The difference shoud be paid when the client is completely satisfied with the work done.

Projects Gallery

The following will demonstrate different cases of works performed to date.

Each case will show the “Before and After” of the projects.

In these images we can appreciate the different concept of Claudio’s Artistic Design. Here you can notice the special attention to the details, the finishing, artistic sese and efficiency, just so the potential client can get the idea of Claudio’s different way of working.


"We are very please with his work, he takes time to finish every detail to its perfection, very courteous and professional.

We would recommend his work to anyone."
Terry and Etrid Sherwood


Claudio has used the most varied materials in the market. Along the years he had to find effective solutions to suit the customer needs. To achieve that Claudio has had to utilize the best supports and construction materials in today’s market.


In appreciation for the preference of his services to his actual clients and the ones to come, he has implemented a little something extra that will consolidate his work philosophy and ethics.



As a special offer Claudio makes discount deals to senior citizen clients over a verifiable budget. At the same time Claudio could do a simple and fast small job without charge.


Once the job is complete, Claudio gives T-shirts away with the “Claudio’s Artistic Design” logo, as a promotional souvenir.