Artistic Designs

Claudio’s Artistic Designs: “A Different Way to Do the Job”

Claudio’s Artistic Designs is a concept… Claudio’s Artistic Designs is a name… Claudio’s Artistic Designs is a person… and an enterprise that gives the different and unique touch it your projects.

The attention to the details, the perfection in the finishing, the responsibility with the arranged time, ant the continuous search for customer satisfaction make Claudio Zamora’s Work an effective blend of renovation services and home repairing, executed at the highest standards of the market. In Claudio’s work nothing is left unnoticed, everything us analyzed to the last detail.

All these values have positioned Claudio’s Artistic Design on top of the closest competitors. Claudio’s constant search for customer satisfaction generates in his clientele a unique feeling, which is materialized with the good comments to his new potential customers.

Everyone who has trusted Claudio’s work has experienced a high level of dedication, honesty and professionalism. Claudio’s Artistic Design characteristic trademark is here for you to appreciate.

History of a Man and An Idea

Claudio Zamora started in the renovation and construction business in Argentina, South America, about 25 years ago as a general worker of a family owned business, dedicated to the general construction.

After years working with this family, Claudio realized that he had the ability to do this type of work at a professional level independently.

This is how the idea becoming independent started to take shape in Claudio’s mind. 1996 came by and after many sacrifices Claudio could become a citizen of the United States of America, in that country Claudio could put his dreams and talents to practice of having his own and distinctive seal. To achieve that could be reflected in his strict and detailed way of working.

Claudio is a business owner. He orders and structures his work plan whenever is requested. From his potential clientele Claudio values clarity of mind in what is to be asked, to establish, a close client-service provider relation and compromise with the contract.

To conclude, Claudio would like to pay tribute to Edward D. Sultan, his first client in the United States.

Edward Sultan was the first person that trusted Claudio’s abilities. For that reason, he would like to thank him sincerely.