Over the years, Claudio has always been aware that the best investment that can be made to his projects and his image as self-employed is to ensure the satisfaction of his customers. Claudio has always adapted to the requirements and needs of those who have employed him, surpassing all expectations. His signature style and the close interaction between the parties is the key to the success of Claudio’s work.

Claudio understands that the best compensation for his services is to maintain over time a strong and grateful clientele, close and loyal. In appreciation for the preference of his services to his actual clients and the ones to come, he has implemented a little something extra that will consolidate his work philosophy and ethics.

The following will explain Claudio’s new offer program and giveaways:

Attention!… Save Money with this opportunity

Prices and special attention, for disabled customers and the elderly.

Pay for the project you have in mind, what you consider to be reasonable and fair... Visit the different services that are offered on this website, and recommendations letters given by different satisfied customers. If after analyzing this opportunity, you find it interesting, do not hesitate to contact us.

How does it work:

We suggest that you request a quotation from another contractor or handyman, to make it easier to calculate the price you want to offer or pay for your project. After agreeing on pricing, organizing times and details, an agreement is signed and the client makes a deposit of 30% at the very beginning of the project. The difference shoud be paid when the client is completely satisfied with the work done.


As a special offer Claudio makes discount deals to senior citizen clients over a verifiable budget. At the same time Claudio could do a simple and fast small job without charge. These small jobs could be fixing a door or window that doesn’t close properly unstuck a stove knob, fixing the toilet’s flush chain, etc.


Once the job is complete, Claudio gives T-shirts away with the “Claudio’s Artistic Design” logo, as a promotional souvenir. Soon, Claudio will also give away to his client’s different pieces of merchandising with the “Claudio’s Artistic Design” logo such as pens, hats, lighters, jars, etc.